Thursday, July 13, 2017

Coinpressions Admin Review

I have been involved in Network Marketing since 1985, but this will be my first venture as an owner/admin. Let me tell you a bit about what we will be launching. JOIN HERE:  First, let me say that what originally attracted me to this Industry was Leverage and Residual Income. The industry has really moved away from this concept in recent years and as a result you are seeing many more one time payment opportunities. Many of these are great programs, but we are losing the leverage and residual income that Network Marketing can offer. Coinpressions is designed from the eyes of a long time marketer that, like many of you reading this email, has had his share of disappointments and successes in the industry. With Coinpressions we are attempting to learn for past disappointments and build on past successes to help hundreds and hopefully thousands of people earn money online. Most opportunities are built for the big time marketers and seem to forget the 97-98% that struggle to generate positive cash flow. We have designed Coinpressions first and foremost for the 97-98%, but have a matching matrix feature that will allow the big recruiter to earn plenty of money too. This will be the first forced matrix that I am aware of where 100% of the active members will earn something. I will explain later. JOIN HERE: My favorite type of comp plan is a forced matrix because I believe it distributes the income better that other types of comp plans. Some of the problems that cause forced matrices to fail is they are priced too high, takes too many people to break even, very poor retention or renewals, and the total payout is too low to generate enough income to attract leaders in the industry. We have tried to address these issues with Coinpressions. Our program will be priced at only $29.95 per month and we’ll accept cryptocurrency to have a more global opportunity. We are top loading the matrix instead of bottom loading. The result is three people on your first level and your monthly is covered. We will have no recruiting requirements so you will earn from spillover. For the big recruiters we have a 25% matrix match on your personal referrals through all 10 level of the matrix. Our product will be an advertising platform. You will receive credits each month that can be used to market your other business opportunities. By keeping the product digital we can pay out approximately 90% back to members. Lastly, we have something called the BEP (Break Even Pool) this is a bonus for those that renew their subscription, but are not yet in profit. Yes, 100% of our active member will earn in this plan. JOIN HERE: Here’s the details of the compensation plan: A 3 x 10 forced matrix with no recruiting requirements to earn. The payout will be $10 on level 1 and $1 on levels 2-10. The objective here is to get people into profit ASAP. The overall matrix is large enough to generate some significant income as the downline grows. There will be a 25% full matrix match on all of your personal referrals. Refer 5 people that are earning $1,000 per month from the matrix, and you earn an additional $250 monthly on each of them. The last and most exciting part of the comp plan for me is the BEP (Break Even Pool). We will accrue $3 for ever active Coinpressions member into the BEP. The biggest problem with most monthly payment plans is those that are earning nothing never renew their subscription resulting in very poor retention. To qualify for the BEP payout you only need to renew your subscription and be earning less than $29.95 monthly at the time of renewal. JOIN HERE: This bonus will be paid out the first week after the renewal month and based on the commissions earned at renewal. As an example if we have 5,000 active members at the end of October the BEP pool paid out in the first week of November would be $15,000. The pool funds will be divided in equal shares paid to the members that renewed their subscription in the month of October, but was not at breakeven or better at the time of renewal. The BEP caps at $29.95 so it can not put a member into profit, but can get them back to break even, hence the name, Break Even Pool. Using the example above of 5,000 active members and $15,000 in the BEP if we had 1,000 members renew in October that were earning less than $29.95 at the time of renewal the pool would be divided into 1,000 shares of $15 each. All members that had earned $14.95 or less at the time of renewal would receive the full $15 payout. Any member earning between $15 and $29.95 at the time of renewal would receive a partial payment that caps at $29.95 total earned. All remaining funds from partial payments rolls to the next monthly BEP payout. JOIN HERE: The idea here is not to make this a passive program. The concept is founded on the fact that it takes most people an average of 2-3 months to generate positive cash flow, but they don’t stay active in the business long enough to experience success. We are going to take 10% of total revenue and assist those that are not yet in profit and entice them to stick around long enough to finally experience success online! Well that is the program summary. I hope you like the added twist to a traditional forced matrix. I truly believe the concept of the BEP will result in Coinpressions having the highest retention rate in the industry for a monthly payment opportunity. We are not far enough along in development to announce a launch date. My best guess is around the end of August, but if everything falls into place, possibly sooner. I will keep you posted about our progress via email. You are on the list to get an invite to join Coinpressions prior to launch. I look forward to working with you to generate a nice extra income stream. 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